Kenyan Climate Innovation Centre

Vivian Vendeirinho outlines the benefits of Kudura to Malcolm Marega

The Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (Kenya CIC) is a World Bank-infoDev initiative (infoDev) designed to support the development and scale of locally relevant climate technologies in Kenya and Eats Africa. Funded by UK Aid and DANIDA, the Kenya CIC provides incubation, capacity building services and financing to Kenyan entrepreneurs and Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) who are developing innovative climate mitigation and adaptation solutions. In recognition of our innovative KUDURA rural poverty solution, we were invited to exhibit at the event, giving us access to visitor from the Kenyan Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources and other AID organisations.

Already we have numerous requests to go and see the site in Sidonge (link) and a few real projects to evaluate. Here are some photos of the event in Nairobi earlier this week.

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