Lights on!

Well, it’s finally come to pass folks – 18 months after I dedicated my career to “Changing Rural Life Forever” we have finally taken our first KUDURA pilot project live in rural Africa. Last week we turned on the lights in Sidonge for the first time in twelve homes and the community now has access to as much potable water as they might need.

The moment was exciting, joyous and very rewarding. A part of me felt sad though that so many people will likely move on from this earth never having experienced the convenience of flicking a switch and having enough light to read as long as they want. It seems ludicrous to me that seven individuals, family and friends, could invest in a business and that we could do what we have done with relative ease and some set back. But achieve it nonetheless. Why then can it be that governments and organisations with so much more resources can not do what we have done, just on a much, much larger scale? It is lack of interest? Selfishness or maybe the “psychology of scarcity”?

In any event this was one of the most humbling experiences of my life … I am driven to repeat it again and again and again. We are changing rural life forever, one home a time.

Check out our video of the “lights on” moment below – it was such a cool experience to be there:

vivian vendeirinho

Kudura chega finalmente a Sidonge Purifying water