Everyone has a basic human right to access sustainable energy and fresh water, KUDURA is about implementing renewable energy-based technologies within locally sustainable community-led business models to create opportunity for jobs, increased income and ultimately, the eradicating of rural poverty.

KUDURA means “the power to change” in Swahili.

Water Purified


Running reliably since November 2011

KUDURA has been operating reliably in Sidonge, Western Kenya

Solar Power


“It is now possible for governments across sub-Saharan Africa to look first to solar power as a solution for inexpensive, quick-to-build power, something unimaginable outside of South Africa until now.” Philippe Le Houérou, CEO, International Finance Corporation

KUDURA is a green micro- or mini-grid-based solution (GMG – Green Mini-Grid) to sustainable rural development. It offers rural communities high-quality, sustainable and renewable energy and drinking water on an affordable pay-as-you-go (PAYG) basis. KUDURA is an integrated, containerised solution that is safe, reliable, weatherproof, designed and built to last 20+ years.

electricity | eletricidade

Electricity for productivity, communications and entertainment.

Hybrid generation and distribution from any source: Solar, Biomass & diesel as backup.

water | água

Clean, potable drinking water for health and wellbeing.

Local water sources are purified through UV, ultra-filtration or desalinisation.


Biogas as an affordable, sustainable clean cooking alternative to firewood and charcoal.

Generated from animal and/or food waste sources.

fertilizer | fertilizante

Creating a biofertilizer useful for improving agricultural crop yields from the biogas digestive process.

telemetry | telemetria

24/7 realtime central monitoring and control system to guarantee “quality of service”.


Flexible PAYG prepayment and smart metering system provides convenient and affordable payment options.


KUDURA is financed by governments, development banks and/or private businesses. Communities and small businesses pay for the energy and water services as they would from any other utility provider.

KUDURA was developed specifically for rural, off-grid areas. It is a proven, reliable, secure, high-quality infrastructure solution for the most rugged rural areas.

KUDURA is flexible and can be scaled to support anywhere from 50 homes and businesses to 1,200 individual rural consumers. Incorporating technology components from the world’s leading manufacturers, it is designed and built for maximum quality and reliability to ISO9000 standards, setting the standard for off-grid energy and water solutions.

This product is ideal for our community. It takes care of their daily needs as well as provides the basis of stimulating the rural economy. It helps the community to help themselves.

The Honourable SAMUELA A. SAUMATUA Minister for Local Government, Urban Development, Housing and Environment of the Government of Fiji while in Nairobi, Kenya


Pronounced R-V-E-Sol, we are a GMG project developer that offers consulting, project feasibility, deployment, commissioning and operations & management services. 

We are a social entrepreneurship for profit focused on fighting rural poverty and empowering local businesses in Africa. We have developed the world’s first customisable GMG solution to sustainable rural development, integrating purification of water, generation of biogas and mobile prepayment.

We believe that lack of access to energy is one of the fundamental perpetuators of rural poverty. Why is this important? Because millions of people are dying unnecessarily and poverty is a difficult cycle to break.


Partnerships are fundamental to our success – from local organisations connected at the grass-roots level to international technology and know-how providers and public institutions that have an interest in seeing rural energy access meet Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by 2030; we believe in the “sum of all parts” as being the most efficient way to reach scale.