RVE.SOL interviews with the Green Business Podcast on EPN – Entrepreneurs Podcast Network

Vivian Vendeirinho, founder of RVE.SOL, was featured this week in an Entrepreneurs Podcast Network interview talking with Eric Dye about rural poverty.

Rural poverty is, we believe, caused by the never-ending cycle of illness an death that results from the lack of access to clean energy and clean water. This illness and death results in increased and unexpected expense to rural families – be it medicine and medical expenses or funeral and associated costs. For people eking a living off of their land and agriculture, any such additional expense really has significant impact – children may have to go without proper school clothes or books and as a result are often sent home and possibly the family will have to cut back on their food needs for a while.

There is a third aspect and cause to rural poverty, that of finance. For people that have very little, the perceived risk of forfeiture of a loan is quite high and as a result, loans are scarce.

So the never-ending cycle continues… KUDURA strives to break that cycle. We believe that by offering competitively priced energy and water services in these communities, people make a choice that improves their health and that of their families, and over time increases their wealth.

Check out the interview here.

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