Funyula District Development Committee visits KUDURA site

I am pleased forward to you a picture taken by Dorottya of members of the sub-committee of the Samia District Development Committee (sub-DDC) selected to visit our Kudura project 3 days ago.

This followed a recent DDC meeting –in which Edmond Ogombe of CABE presented the origin and status report of Kudura/RVE.SOL project in Sidonge. The DDC comprises leaders including Government heads of departments at the district level and a host of other local leaders including local administrations (chiefs, assistant chiefs), councilors, NGOs, religious leaders, traders and private sector.

Edmond tells me that his presentation at the DDC in Funyula was received very well. However, some participants  indicated that they had received both positive and negative reports about the project. In particular, they were concerned about the high prices of Kudura clean drinking water and biogas. As a result, the DDC meeting appointed a sub-committee of the DDC –to visit and see the project for themselves and also prepare fact-finding report for the DDC.Edmond and Dorottya were on the site to receive them –and took the attached picture.

Based on verbal feedback on the site, the sub-committee was very impressed with what they saw. This is contrary to some negative information they had received. Based on the adage that “seeing is believing”, they gave Kudura project a clean bill of health –and indicated their continued support for the project.

Hannington Odame

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