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KUDURA for rural communities
 This blog was originally published in part on TriplePundit. This is no time to rest on our laurels Pico-solar lighting and solar-home-systems have proved themselves as revolutionary entry-level energy access technologies for low-income rural communities; See IDCOL’s success in Bangladesh, and recent multi €m investment in Berlin based SHS energy access company Mobisol, active in […]
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This month sees the 11-month anniversary of our Sidonge Pilot project – one that has been very rewarding and full of interesting lessons learned. We set out early 2011 to identify one or more sites in Eastern Africa for deployment of our sustainable development model, looking to validate three key points in proving our solution: […]
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How to clean the solar panels daily
Our rural village energy hub (RVE) not only provides access to sustainable, appropriate technology for rural communities but also creates jobs. One of the most important jobs related to the implementation of a RVE within a community is that of the so-called “energy vendor”. This role is critical to providing a high quality and reliability of services for […]
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