Kudura Water fit for human consumption

Sidonge people around water hole
Sidonge people around water hole

Sidonge people around their local shallow water hole

In my recent post about Kudura’s water filtration process, I described how we take raw water from a source such as in this image on the right and transform it into pure drinking water using Kudura’s water purification process. Powered by Seccua’s ultra-filtration technology, our water purification system is, we believe, unique.

Wanting to ensure the water was good, we recently had the water officially tested by the Kenyan Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation. The results are great! Included in this post below is link to the report describing the quality of the purified water and most importantly, the government’s statement “…on the basis of the chemical test done, the water is fit for human consumption”.

Using this technology, over time we plan to reduce water borne disease, and as a result the 5 million deaths per annum that are caused by it.

Kudura Water Chemical Analysis Report  – as the local Sidongeans are now saying “Maji safi ya kudura”!

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