We’ve proven it is possible to create a cashflow positive sustainable development solution. KUDURA minigrid helps companies move off diesel generators and helps their employees have access to affordable, renewable energy and clean water. This saves money, creates jobs, enables wealth and thus reduces poverty, improves health and fights climate change. In this customer example […]
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A chasm as defined by the British Dictionary is “a break in continuity; a gap”. In this blog we want to tackle the issue of sustainable development funding for energy access projects and the huge funding gap in the industry. A good analogy is the story of goldilocks and the three bears, do you know […]
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There is a constant humming noise. The clamour and clatter is obnoxious, annoying and spewing what looks like grey dust into the air. And the smell. Oh the smell. The malodorous smog coming from the diesel generators in Africa is enough to turn a beautiful blue sky to a depressing grey. I’ve seen them everywhere; […]
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