RVE.SOL’s patent-pending award and recent investment round aims to launch Minigrids into the mainstream

The International Patent Office has awarded RVE.SOL a worldwide patent-pending status for its innovative, multi-utility service minigrid solution KUDURA – the first and only integrated electricity, biogas and potable water solution to include generation, distribution, monitoring, metering & mobile pre-payment.

The industry is taking notice, especially impact investors, with RKW Holding fulfilling the startup’s entire funding round from one source. RVE.SOL and RKW first met at the KIC Business Booster in October 2014, the leading Energy Innovation event in Europe.

“RVE.SOL has a business model that (finally) proves poor rural areas are also viable markets. While the social aspect of the venture is clearly embedded in the project, what RVE.SOL adds is a financially sustainable business model to address this untapped potential” said Kris Vanherle, Director at RKW Holding. Kris adds “Not only is RVE.SOL creating the marketing with the most reliable, flexible minigrid solution, but their pay-as-you-go metering and mobile prepayment system is set to change the game entirely. We see our investment strengthening the idea of social enterprises finally addressing the rural paradigm in a sustainable, financially viable way.”

This news comes at a pivotal time in the industry. It has long been accepted that people cannot be “donated” out of poverty; renewable energy solutions are fast gaining ground as the de facto standard for providing affordable energy to the world’s energy poor. There has been a lot of media coverage in the industry on solar portable and home solutions, however it is becoming clear that scalable village mini-grids are needed to provide true productive use energy and help rural populations rise out of poverty; electricity AND potable water are critical to the WEF (Water Energy Food) Nexus. Real figures show an annual investment of only €120 per family per year, enables the KUDURA multi-utility solution to provide affordable, renewable, safer alternatives to firewood and hydrocarbon based fossil fuels like kerosene and diesel.  At the same time KUDURA sustainably provides jobs, enables small businesses, improves health and fights climate change.

“Productive energy use is what ultimately moves people out of poverty by creating income and reducing energy and health expenses. With KUDURA we’ve figured out how to offer affordable, decentralised utility services to the Base of the Pyramid with a healthy ROI for project financiers.” Says Vivian Vendeirinho Managing Director & Founder of RVE.SOL. He goes on to say “with a worldwide patent pending award and such esteemed investors on board, we believe this is the impetus needed to bring real rural electrification solutions to market in a scaleable, cost-effective way.”

About RKW Holdings

RKW_logoRKW is a family holding participating in sustainable projects and ventures. With its roots in electrical panel building (Penders & Vanherle www.pnv.be), they are now extending their horizon and are active in a range of sectors from renewable energy, smart grids, clean air technologies to gaming. The group is actively searching for new opportunities.

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Sandra Lemos

Meet Sandra Lemos, RVE.SOL's Sustainable Development marketer Patente Pendente e recente ronda de investimento confirmam aposta em sistemas de minirrede elétrica